Scandal at Logged in Festival: Sido throws controller into TV over loss in Super Mario Kart

First scandal at the Logged InFestival! During the Youtube-show “Zuhause mit Sido” (home with Sido) the German rap icon played Super Mario Kart 8 Deluxe with his buddy and festival-host Damion Davis live on the Nintendo Switch. Because he lost, he trashed his TV.
„See ya“ Sido said at the beginning of the first race. But Damion Davis caught up with him quickly and got to the finish line before him. “Getting real angry here! No idea how many rounds we gonna play. I just know I’m about to punch someone”
Right before the second race, Sido sent a warning from his Berlin loft to the “Hamburger Ding” on the Reeperbahn where Damion Davis was sitting. “You’ve got some nerve. Not letting me win on my own show, that’s just bold”, said Sido. Adding: “Alright, Damion, you gonna let me win now. Understand?”
The second race commenced. “See ya”, the musician shouted again, only to realize the next moment first puzzled, then shocked: “Oh, he took off just as quickly. That’s just mean. So nasty. Just real damn nasty.”
When Damion Davis, who stood in front of the camera with Sido in 2011 for the Fatih-Akin movie „Blutzbrüdaz“ won again, Sido threw his controller on the ground in full rage, from where it bounced against the TV – and wrecked it completely!
„Why is he TV destroyed? Well, it deserved it…Oh wow, it is shattered real good…I’m never playin’ again. Guys, when you wanna play against me, you gotta let me win. Otherwise them TV’s keep breakin”, Sido said.
Is there going to be a rematch at Logged In Festival on Friday? “I’m not playing against Damion anymore. He’s cheating. As if he was the one actually playing…last week he’s like eight Kilometers behind me and within a week he’s learned how to do a quick start? I’m not buying that! Nobody believes that! I’m being betrayed here, you guys!”
But Sido did leave a little backdoor to this: “Alright, enough now! But please, if you wanna play, go to Logged In Festival and play with others. I might be there…never!”
Shortly after though, Sido was wondering how to fix his TV until next week. “It looks like someone threw a rock at this. Isn’t there a gel for that?”
To be continued…
The Logged In Festival is a platform where everyone, from eSports enthusiasts, gamers, to hobbyists and digital newbies, can meet, play and have fun together without any danger of infection, even in the Corona crisis – and all for a good cause.
With support of the responsible authorities, the festival founders also created the public charity “wethinkunited e.V.” that will be raising donations over the coming weeks and months. The money will be put in full towards various organizations, so the people affected most by the Corona crisis will ultimately benefit.
Celebrities like football expert Patrick “Coach” Esume and German rap icon Sido as well as protagonists from professional sports such as Marcel Schäfer, sports director of VfL Wolfsburg, Daniel Baier, captain of FC Augsburg, former national soccer player Piotr Trochowski or Nihad Djedovic from basketball national league team FC Bayern have already participated in Logged In Festival.