Our Livestream on Friday: Rapper Sido to compete against one of his fans at Logged-in-Festival

The Corona crisis forces Sido into seclusion, but it most certainly won’t bring him down. The successful rapper, producer and songwriter discovered a way to engage his community into his everyday life – and joined the Logged-in-Festival.

On Friday, April 3rd, he will dare his fans to compete against him. This hot console-duel will be streamed to our twitch.tv/loggedin.

As part of his Youtube show „Zuhause mit Sido“, he’ll be hanging out in his Berlin loft, controller in his hand and poised for his competitor to digitally show up on his TV screen.

As the show is only one hour from 6pm-7pm, we were excited to find out which game he’s going for! Counter-Strike? Call of Duty? Some kind of ego shooter? None of the above! The all-rounder is challenging his community to a battle of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe via Nintendo Switch!

In last week’s premiere, Sido asked the brave amongst his followers, to show themselves by commenting on the Instagram posting of @logged.in.festival. As the Nintendo server collapse, Sido unfortunately had to postpone this higly anticipated race.

“We’re thrilled Sido has joined the Logged-in-Festival, supporting us in entertaining people with cool shows and even inviting them into his everyday life during these extremely difficult times”, says Sebastian Lampe, Head of esport at Home United.

A small team from the Hamburg-based project developer created the Logged-in-Festival in collaboration with esport organization Unicorns of Love.