#loggedinfestival: Esume brings “Backpfeifengesicht” Werner, Edebali and Tim Wiese in the game

The movement’s rolling! On Friday evening, the Hamburg-based company Home United, the esports organization Unicorns of Love and Patrick „Coach“ Esume launched the #loggedinfestival. A few hours later, more celebrities joined the big charity action in the Corona crisis.

In addition to TV presenter „Coach“ Esume, former NFL star Björn Werner, professional American Football player Kasim Edebali and former national goalkeeper Tim Wiese are now part of the #loggedinfestival. All of them are calling on the followers on the social media channels to name their favorite games and challenge them in „Beat the Star“ format on PC or console.

Over the next few days and weeks, the celebrities’ opponents will be determined in various selection processes and the games will be streamed live on the Twitch channel loggedin. „We will make a digital happening out of this, with presenters, commentators and experts who are primarily known from other areas”, says Sebastian Lampe, Head of esport Home United.

„We are joining a cause that will help all those who are now keeping our country running. Anyone can stay at home, anyone can join the Logged-in Festival, whether esports novice or professional, young or old, it doesn’t matter. They have the chance to play against me or the other stars and idols”, explains Esume, who is eager to see how his fellow competitors are doing.

Tim Wiese, for example, „because I know he’s a great FIFA player“, says Esume: „So, Tim, for once in your life, step on the gas and do something good.“ Also at the starting line are former NFL player and TV expert Björn Werner, „the Backpfeifengesicht“ (Esume), as well as professional football player Kasim Edebali: „He’s sitting in Arizona right now, picking his nose. Now he is also at the #loggedinfestival.“

The homepage logged-in-festival.com will go live at the beginning of the week, where further information about the selection process of the „Beat the Star“ format as well as the next prominent competitors and their games will be announced. A donation account will also be set up there. „All funds deposited there will go 100 percent to the heroes who were there for society during the Corona crisis”, says Tomislav Karajica, managing partner of Home United and investor of Unicorns of Love.