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Corona Super Everyday Heroes



#stayhome, log in on your device! This is a place where everyone can come together and enjoy fun and positive content with each other, in times of a serious global state of emergency.

As a matter of the heart, Logged in festival created the non-profit #wethinkunited e.V. We raise money to help those affected most by the Corona crisis: single parents, homeless people, artists as well as the heroes in our day-to-day life, who keep the world running even during this crisis. To distribute all donations best, #wethinkunited e.V. is collaborating with national and international organizations who are dedicated to supporting those exact groups of people.


We are currently founding our own non-profit organization to raise money for people affected by Covid and "Heros of Corona"!
We also have our own account for Caritas International! Use the DONATE button or scan code!

Donated amount: 13.450 EUR

Many countries, which are already struggling with poverty, food shortages and poor hygiene conditions, are particularly hard hit by the spread of the Coronavirus. No country is prepared for the current outbreak of the novel virus SARS-CoV-2 – this pandemic is new for everyone. Nevertheless, the global crisis is affecting many countries to varying degrees. Caritas international, the relief organization of the German Caritas Association, is working together with its local partners to help people in need worldwide.

To fight the worldwide spread of the Coronavirus and to continue the life-saving work under the now more difficult conditions, Caritas international has established a Corona-relief-fund. In order to reach as many people as possible, we urgently need your support. Your donation will enable better hygiene conditions, sufficient food supplies and effective prevention work. Be part of the worldwide aid – together we will make the difference.



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Beat the Star

Face your favorite musician, athlete or influencer in various games!


Expert Talk

This is where traditional sports meets esports. Watch professional athletes talk about their passion.

uol solo tournament final 1 - tuesday 22.3


We host multiple tournaments for you during the #LoggedInFestival. Currently: PUBG Mobile & BrawlStars, join our Discord to sign up.



Mixing complete beginners in gaming with each other or pros. Here you can enjoy all types of games.

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Esport Pros​

For everyone who is already into gaming: watch professional players compete in various esport titles!


Esport means competitive gaming. To compete at the highest level, this is a fulltime job. The biggest esport titles in the world are mostly played in a team and require a high individual skill and strategic decision-making.

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Patrick Esume

American Football Coach

Rolf Fuhrmann

Football Reporter

Kristin Zirnsak

Model and TV Host

Lars Pegelow

Sports Journalist

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